Planning To Run An Underground DCR? Message Me


Planning To Run An Underground DCR? Message Me


So the UK government have said no to opening or allowing a legally run safer drug consumption room.You can also navigate to these to know more about it.Of course to do this that have has to ignore or dismiss rather a lot of evidence into how effective they are at saving lives and increasing the uptake of treatment services. OK, so no legally run space then…

Drug Consumption Rooms (DCRs) will happen in the UK, it might take a change of government, but it’s more likely that people will just get so frustrated with people dying that they take the leap and just run a project ‘underground’, much like projects that are already happening elsewhere.

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So, anyone planning or already running an unsanctioned space in the UK who would like to have access to my photographic skills for documenting their work please get in touch. In 3-10 years when one of the big name charities finally opens an official site they are going to say they are the first one in the UK, it likely won’t be true. It will ignore the work of smaller grassroots projects, likely run by people who use drugs and run without large funding pots.

Documenting work is important

Look back at the work done in harm reduction over the years, AIDS activism, early days of needle programmes, protests etc we know of them partially because they worked but we really know them because we see them in the few photos that people took at the time, photos that showed the daily life of people involved.

Photographic work like that is important, and I’m more than happy to support underground projects. This can be by providing photographic coverage, or by showing people the best ways to do this themselves. Any photos I take for a project like this would be kept with a growing collection of similar images that won’t see the light of day until they are needed.

All conversations regarding this kind of work are in strictest confidence.

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    Before thinking about running unsanctioned services I strongly recommend seeking legal advice. Here in the UK the best source of legal advice is the charity Release. They will be able to tell you what your legal risks may be and may be able to support you if anything happens.

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