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These hands save lives


These hands reduce harm
Holly Bradford
Program Coordinator, San Francisco Drug User’s Union
I started this project back in 2014 when I realised that one of the ‘constants’ in my photography was my obsession with people’s hands. Many of the people in our harm reduction communities have hands that tell stories and/or reflect their personality. A significant portion of us have tattoos and scars documenting our lives.
The hands are how we work, how we supply safer equipment, how we distribute naloxone and what we put around each other when we meet (the harm reduction community is very … huggy).

The Anonymity Of Hands

Focusing on just hands has another benefit; in some areas the work done by harm reduction advocates is outside of the law (laws that need to change). People running underground projects or working in areas where they might not want want their face becoming public can still be included and have their stories highlighted.

Bonnet Collection

    If you are interested in showing these images, or would like to discuss this project then please let me know.

    Emma Roberts
    Director of Capacity Building Services
    Harm Reduction Coalition