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Drug Use Equipment Projects

The equipment of harm reduction
Projects focused on the equipment of drug use and harm reduction. Photography can be a way of showing the beauty (or lack of beauty) in everyday objects… the tools shown here are no different.

The Bonnet Collection

A few years ago while talking to Philippe Bonnet about his huge collection of historical drug paraphenalia and packaging we spoke about how great it would be for more people to have some kind of access to the pieces.
The Bonnet Collection

Look Away

In 2016 I presented at the National Substance Misuse Conference on the need for and adoption of drug consumption rooms (DCRs) in the UK as a way of reducing drug related deaths and drug litter. To prepare for the talk I was given a tour of the city and the places that people publically inject in. This kicked off a longer term project looking at these spaces vulnerable people are using to administer their drugs.

Knolled Equipment

Knolling is the process of arranging related objects in parallel or 90-degree angles as a method of organization. Drug use paraphenalia, of course, lends itself to being laid out in this way.