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Nigel Brunsdon

Photographer and harm reduction advocate
Nigel Brunsdon
Self portrait

Working for almost two decades in the field of harm reduction has given me a privileged level of access that many photographers will never get to this wonderfully diverse set of communities.

My photography subjects are the workers, advocates, people who use drugs and academics I have met around the world. Sometimes it’s people I meet once at a conference, often it’s people who I meet repeatedly over the years, building friendships and trusts that I try and reflect in my photographs.

Featured In

My photography has been used in substance use fields and has featured in: Voltface, Drink Drug News, Virgin UniteBlack and White Photography magazine and the Hit the Streets podcast. The Harm Reduction Coalition, Harm Reduction International, Uniting MSIC, NAM: AIDSmap and HIT  have also used my images. 

Ongoing Projects

I am currently working on a number of long term projects:

Public Speaking

I regularly speak about harm reduction and it’s intersections with photography at conferences and events around the world. I have also specifically presented on the use of photography as a tool for activism that can be used to both provide a record of the movement but to also highlight a need for expanding harm reduction interventions; for instance with my ‘Look Away You Don’t Want to See This‘ series that shows a need for safer drug consumption spaces.