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Chicago Recovery Alliance

In 2017 I was invited to visit the Chicago Recovery Alliance one of the most respected harm reduction services in the United States. The visit was a mixture of different work projects but included photography around the service and of it’s staff for a future web project.

The first image that comes to most peoples mind when they think of the Chicago Recovery Alliance is that of their iconic silver van, this van (there are actually two vans) can be seen every day around the city supplying people with sterile injecting equipment, advice, referral into treatment and supplying life saving naloxone.

Packing naloxone
Van interior
John Gutenson
Peter Moinichen
Greg Scott
Packing naloxone
Steve Kamenicky and Marilee Murphy
Harm Reduction Cat
Holly Bradford and Dan Bigg
Karen Stanczykiewicz Bigg
Chicago Recovery Alliance building
John and Banjo