Museum of Drug Policy

In November I was invited to photograph Release’s 50th birthday celebrations, this included the opening of a pop-up art gallery entitled ‘The Museum of Drug Policy’, workshops on drug policy and drug law, plus a performance by the Sex Workers Opera.

Museum of Drug Policy

The Museum of Drug Policy is a pop-up arts and cultural hub featuring live programming and art from around the world that highlight how drug policies impact and shape our communities. It provides a powerful, emotional experience that illustrates the harms caused by current prohibitionist drug policies and advocates for new approaches rooted in dignity, health, and human rights. The Museum transports audiences across the globe, pushing visitors to think and act outside the box through interactive installations, powerful documentary photos, multimedia displays and more.


Release is the national centre of expertise on drugs and drugs law. They provide free non-judgmental, specialist advice and information to the public and professionals on issues related to drug use and to drug laws.

Museum of Drug PolicyRelease

'...and counting' by Anne Lewis
Suzi Gage speaking out her podcast
Zoe Carre
Sex Workers Opera
Heroin Bodies
Hands Up
My Body
Heroin Bodies
Lionheart the poet
'...and counting' by Anne Lewis
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